GIGIL’s The Indierectory’s Networking Night gets a second issue!

GIGIL’s The Indierectory‘s Networking Night gets a second issue! GIGIL gathers freelancers and introduces them to advertising professionals and potential clients

Coming from the success of last years’ ‘Let’s Raket!’ networking night, GIGIL’s The Indierectory is back for its second issue!

The Indierectory is an online platform that gives freelance advertising professionals an avenue to show their portfolio and where potential clients may contact them. It is an initiative by independent ad agency GIGIL.

The free website has proven to be extremely helpful, especially now, with the rising issue of unemployment among advertising professionals during the pandemic. But aside from their listing services, The Indierectory also started holding events such as webinars and networking nights in 2020.

This year, they are coming out with their second networking night, ‘The Proposals,’ happening on February 26, 2021. You can expect to meet potential clients from SMEs, agencies, and brands. Participants must issue an elevator pitch to these potential clients to show their portfolio as freelance advertising professionals.

This event is exclusive to The Indierectory members. To join, you must first sign up on their website: